11 Free Weight Exercises Women Should Do Every Day To Get Lean All Over


Achieving a lean and toned physique doesn't require expensive gym equipment. Incorporating these 11 free weight exercises into your daily routine can help you get the results you desire.


Squats engage multiple muscle groups, enhancing lower body strength and stability. Hold a dumbbell in each hand to intensify the workout.


Lunges target the legs and glutes. Grab a pair of dumbbells to add resistance and challenge yourself further.


Deadlifts work on your back, hamstrings, and core. Master this exercise with proper form to avoid injuries.

Bent-Over Rows

Strengthen your upper back and improve posture with bent-over rows. Keep your back straight and pull the dumbbells towards your waist.

Shoulder Press

Enhance shoulder strength and definition by performing shoulder presses. Lift dumbbells overhead while maintaining a stable core.

Bicep Curls

Target your biceps with controlled bicep curls. Use manageable weights to prevent strain and ensure proper form.

Chest Press

Build upper body strength with chest presses. Lie on a bench and lift dumbbells upwards, focusing on your chest muscles.

Plank Rows

Combine core and back engagement with plank rows. Alternate between lifting dumbbells while maintaining a plank position.

Russian Twists

Work on oblique muscles by adding Russian twists to your routine. Hold a single dumbbell and rotate your torso while seated.

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