11 Most Useless Job Skills Companies Don’t Want Today


In today's competitive job market, staying relevant is crucial. Learn about the job skills that companies no longer value and how to adapt.

Cursive Handwriting

While once a staple, cursive handwriting has become obsolete in the digital age. Focus on digital communication skills instead.

Typing Speed Over Accuracy

Companies now prioritize accuracy over speed. Develop precise typing skills to excel in modern workplaces.

Basic Spreadsheet Proficiency

Basic spreadsheet skills are insufficient. Master advanced data analysis tools for better career prospects.

Email Etiquette Only

Effective communication extends beyond emails. Embrace various communication platforms for better collaboration.

Language Proficiency Alone

Knowing multiple languages is valuable, but combining it with other skills like coding or marketing is more beneficial.

Manual File Organization

Digital filing systems are prevalent. Adapt by honing your digital organization and file management skills.

Repetitive Task Management

Automation is replacing repetitive tasks. Learn how to manage and implement automated processes.

Basic Coding Without Context

Understanding coding within specific contexts is vital. Don't rely solely on basic coding knowledge.

One-Dimensional Design

Modern design demands multidimensional skills. Incorporate UI/UX principles and graphic design for comprehensive expertise.


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