11 Signs You're Losing a Friend, Therapists Say


Friendships are an essential part of our lives, providing companionship, support, and joy. However, there are times when these connections can start to fade. In this web story, we'll explore 11 signs that you might be losing a friend, as shared by therapists.

Communication Dwindles

One of the earliest signs is a decrease in communication. When your once-frequent conversations turn into sporadic messages, it might indicate a weakening bond.

Cancellations Become Routine

If your friend starts consistently canceling plans or avoiding commitments, it could suggest a shift in their priorities.

Lack of Interest

When your friend shows disinterest in your life events or stops asking about your well-being, it might be a sign they're emotionally detaching.

Change in Tone

A sudden change in the tone of your conversations – from warm and friendly to distant and formal – could indicate a growing divide.

Spending Less Time Together

If you notice a significant decrease in the time spent hanging out, it's worth considering if the friendship is slipping away.

Avoidance of Conflict

Friends who are drifting apart often avoid addressing disagreements or conflicts, leading to unaddressed tension.

Lack of Support

When your friend stops being supportive of your aspirations or important life events, it's a red flag that the friendship may be fading.

New Priorities

If your friend suddenly starts investing more time in new relationships or activities, it could indicate a shifting focus.

Different Values

As people grow, their values can evolve. If you find yourselves differing in fundamental beliefs, the friendship might suffer.

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