2 Coffee Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Metabolism

We comprehend that sometimes you wake up too early to enjoy coffee and breakfast. For some, getting that coffee and heading out the door is the obvious solution.

Replacing your breakfast with coffee

Nanavati emphasizes that you shouldn't regularly substitute coffee for breakfast if you want to maintain a healthy metabolism.

According to her, "many people substitute coffee for their morning meal, which can be harmful to metabolic health." "Your metabolism needs to get going in the morning to give you energy for the rest of the day."

A nutritious, well-balanced breakfast is always best for your general health, particularly if you're attempting to lose weight.

We've got some bad news if you prefer your coffee extra-sweet: Adding too much sugar or sugary additives (such creamers and syrups) to your morning brew could cause major harm to your waistline. 

Too many sweet substances are added

It's no secret that eating too much sugar can cause a number of health problems, and one such concern is a slowed metabolism.

Too many sweet substances are added

"Adding sugar, flavored syrups, or whipped cream to your coffee can significantly increase the calorie content," cautions Nanavati. Contrary to popular opinion, these empty calories have little nutritious value and can cause weight gain, which over time slows down metabolism. Say it's not true!

Fortunately, there are delicious sugar substitutes available. Instead, consider using stevia or honey as natural sweeteners, or even better, sip your coffee black.

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