7 Most Affectionate Cat Breed

Ragdolls are named for their tendency to roll into a person's palm for a scratch behind the ears, belly rub, or head pet, their favorite things in the world.

Since Burma, the Burmese cat has gained popular in the US and Europe. Originally dark brown, Burmese have been bred into many hues according on the breeder.

Ragamuffins, like Ragdolls, are affectionate and loving. Despite their menacing glare, Ragamuffins are probably simply wondering

Korats, the "good luck cat," were once only given as gifts. They were a great gift because the breed is loving and bonds well with humans.


Despite their bobcat appearance, Pixie-Bobs are lively and friendly. Pixie-Bobs are great family pets since they get along with people and strangers.

Bengal cats are high-energy and resemble little leopards. But their playful attitude makes them great family cats because they enjoy to play with their owners

Devon Rex cats are the most dog-like. They love to play, sit on a person's shoulder as they work, and follow their owner throughout the house to stay close.

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