Ache in the Knees?  Yoga Positions to Try

When doing yoga, Franco recommends "opting for yoga poses that are gentle on the knees and modifying other poses with the use of props."

Taking a Seat Poses Franco explains that doing yoga in a chair or on the floor relieves pressure on the legs. 

This position can also be attained from a seated position: Knees should be bent and pointed outward when you rest your feet flat on the floo.

Pose of Recumbency "Lying on your back is calming for the nervous system," Franco explains. 

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Profound Knee Curls Deep knee bends put extra stress on the ligaments and muscles around the knee, which can lead to injury if you already have tightness in those areas.

Asanas that bring the knee cap to the floor may aggravate preexisting knee pain, stiffness, or inflammation in the area behind and around the knee cap.

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