After-50 Cardio Habits That Destroy Your Body

 This is strictly forbidden. Although exercising "no matter what," fitness should be a long-term goal

 Training through pain or injury.

 Running on pavement is terrific cardio, but if you're unfit and have bad form, it may be hard on your joints and tendons.

 low-impact cardio.

 It's excellent to exercise several times a week, but pushing yourself daily—or even twice—is too much for your body.

 Train too often.

 Every training shouldn't be exhausting. It's normal to feel tired after a lengthy workout, but doing so every time

 Exhausting oneself

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 Many cardiac athletes skip the warm-up and start training. However, you won't prepare your body for the physical exercise

 warm-ups and cool-downs.

 High-intensity exercise involves increasing your heart rate to its greatest point, but if you always do it

 maximum intensity.

 Technique matters when practicing cardio. Bad form during running or swimming can create overuse injuries

 technique is terrible.

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