Best 6 Foods to Reduce Belly Fat After 50

 Looking for a technique to minimize visceral fat while flavoring your favorite dishes? Consider adding cumin to dishes.


 Long-term cumin consumption may reduce body fat through controlling insulin. When cells absorb too much glucose,


 Try replacing white flour with green banana flour to lower visceral fat while eating your favorite dishes.

 Green banana flour

 "Green banana flour is one of the world's richest sources of gut-healthy prebiotic resistant starch,

Green banana flour

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 Lupini beans are a tasty and easy approach to lower visceral fat by adding them to salads or soups.

  Lupini beans

 Fermented foods are excellent ways to reduce visceral fat, whether you eat sauerkraut as a side or kimchi over rice.

 Fermented foods

 Omega-3-rich seafood may help you lose visceral fat and improve your heart health.

 Fatty fish

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