Best Eating Habit for Lean Body After 50

 Do you eat enough protein and protein-rich foods at every meal? Time for snack? With a meal monitoring software

 regular diet.

  you can check how many grams of protein you eat at each meal "says.

 regular diet.

 If you usually eat pancakes or toast for morning, what do you add? Are you adding peanut butter,

  Add protein

 Adding butter or cream cheese may not provide enough protein. A whole wheat pancake or sprouted bread may have some protein

 Add protein

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 "Do you have enough protein at lunch? Most individuals need 3 oz of protein (or 15-20 grams each meal),

 Pack a protein-rich

 You simply eating chips? Just eating fruit? Add hummus, black bean dip, pistachios, walnuts, pumpkin seeds

  Check your snacks.

 Remember that you can get enough protein from plant-based sources like edamame,

 Add plant-based protein

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