Best Foods for Stubborn Belly Fat  

 Eggs are the finest source of choline, a B vitamin needed to build all cell membranes.


 More study is showing that some fruits battle belly fat better than others. All master fruits are red or reddish.

 Red fruit

 Adding fat to a meal while attempting to lose weight may seem paradoxical, but unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados

 Olive oil

 Grains are criticized for their carbohydrate content. More studies are looking at gluten, the protein in wheat,

 fiber-rich foods

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 Plant-based protein powders are low-sugar, high-fiber alternatives to dairy supplements.

 Extra plant protein

 Protein destroys belly fat and builds a slim, toned tummy. Protein digestion requires 25 calories per 100 calories

  Lean meat and fish

 Vegetables are key for melting belly fat since they give nutrients, fiber, and volume for low calories. Brightly colored veggies

  colorful veggies.

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