Body Changes After Losing Five Pounds

 Weight loss requires eating less calories than you burn. But where does your body obtain extra energ

 your fat cells shrink.

 Fat cells. "As your body pulls energy from your fat cells to make up for the food you're not eating, your fat cells will shrink

your fat cells shrink.

 Dropping a few pounds may help your body regulate blood sugar. Roussell explains, "Eating less and exercising

 Maintain Controlled Blood Sugar

 It's not just your imagination. "Reducing calories to decrease weight increases ghrelin secretion.

  You may feel hungry

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 Weight may override your body's natural defensive mechanism, causing inflammation and chronic diseases

 Reduce Inflammation

 You know your metabolism burns calories. When you lose weight, your metabolic rate drops because your body needs

 Your Metabolic Rate May Alter

 A Cell Metabolism research found that losing a few pounds reduced liver and intra-abdominal fat.

 Reduces "Bad" Fat

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