Classic Diets You Should Never Follow

 This famous 1920s diet recommended individuals to smoke cigarettes when they were hungry instead of eating. It was considered to reduce daily calorie

 The Cigarette Diet

 Sleeping Beauty was a beloved fairytale princess and a dangerous diet in the 1960s. “This was an unhealthy die

 Sleeping Beauty Diet

 Perhaps the most startling and unsettling old-fashioned diet is the tapeworm diet. "This diet entailed eating more food

 The Tapeworm Diet

 Sara Chatfield, MPH, RDN at Health Canal calls the cabbage soup diet old-fashioned and unsuitable.

 Cabbage Soup Diet

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 Chatfield says the 1990s low-fat diet was another old fad. "There was a boom of fat-free and low-fat highly processed

 The Low-Fat Diet

 The Scarsdale Diet, popular in the X, limits calories to 1,000 per day regardless of size or activity. "You'll definitely drop

 The Scarsdale Diet

 A 1970s fad diet, the Atkins diet should be avoided. "The Atkins diet was a low-carb fad created by Robert Atkins in the '70s,

  Atkins Diet

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