Deadliest Carbs for Weight Loss

 Bagels are one of the worst carbohydrates for weight reduction, despite being a morning staple.

 White bagels

 Bagels are rarely eaten plain, so adding breakfast bagel toppings might increase calories.

White bagels

 Many manufacturers make healthy morning cereals, but avoid sugary, processed ones.

  Breakfast Cereals

 Doctor Young adds, "People often associate cereal with health food, but sugary cereals often have as much

 Breakfast Cereals

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 "Soda and sugary drinks are some of the worst carb choices because they provide almost no nutrients besides sugar,


 Wonder Bread may bring back memories, but white bread is excessively processed, devoid of most nutrients

 White bread

 Pasta induces weight gain more due to portion than pasta itself. "Pasta may cause weight gain in America but not in Europe

 Refined pasta

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