Eating Habits to Speed Weight Loss as You Age

 "Most diets are restrictive, difficult to follow, and unrealistic to maintain long-term," says The Dish On Nutrition owner

 Avoid trendy diets.

 A simple behavioral strategy will pay off over time. Brikho recommends topping half your dinner plate with veggies

 dopt the half-plate rule.

 Even if your metabolism hasn't slowed, you may be burning less calories due to inactivity or poor sleep. If your calorie burn

 Reduce portion size.

 Katie Tomaschko, RDN with Sporting Smiles, says getting adequate protein daily is the most essential dietary habit.

 Aim for 25 grams of protein.

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 "Processed sugar is everywhere—even seemingly healthy foods like yogurt and cereal sometimes contain a lot of added

 Reduce sugar intake.

 For several reasons, Tomaschko recommends carrying a water bottle in the vehicle, at work, and when shopping

  Carry a canteen.

 Other good sources of fiber per serving include raspberries (8 grams), split peas (16 grams), bran cereal (5.5 grams), lentils

 Enhance meal complexity.

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