Fast-Track Fat Burning Diet

 You wish to reduce visceral fat through healthy nutrition. This abdominal fat threatens the liver and pancreatic

 leafy greens daily.

 Stimulants like caffeine boost alertness, cognitive function, and metabolism, which may aid weight reduction.

 Order the big coffee.

 Many teas include caffeine, but one has epigallocatechin gallate, a strong fat burner. Green tea is rich in this catechin

 Order a cup of green tea.

 Protein (eggs, nuts, jerky, seafood, beans, lentils, and dairy products) slows the conversion of carbs into glucose, which raises blood sugar.

 Combine and conquer.

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 This practice boosts fat burn for several reasons. First, your organs need water to work properly. Staying hydrated reduces calorie


 Eating more veggies and less meat helps you lose weight and stay healthy. But you don't have to go vegan to benefit.

 Follow a weekly vegetarian diet.

 The researchers also found that high-protein vegetarians ate 12% less calories in their following meal than meat eaters.

Follow a weekly vegetarian diet.

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