Fruits for Weight Loss Smoothies 

 An apple is a great travel snack. It won't crush in your backpack like grapes and cherries. The skin of apples is high in fiber


Blueberries have the most antioxidants of all smoothie fruits. USDA scientists found that pterostilbene, like grape resveratrol


 Ripe, juicy cantaloupe is approximately 90% water and high in dietary fiber, making it a great fruit for a weight-loss smoothie


 Cherries are wonderful in smoothies, so try them. Never forget to pit them first. Tart cherries are a great weight-loss frui


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 Not the most popular smoothie fruit, but worth trying. Kiwis include at least 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving,


 A 12-week study of 91 obese people found that fresh grapefruit can help them lose weight. The Journal of Medicinal Food f


 Natural candy is packed in water, fiber, and vitamin C for immune system strength, making it a wonderful weight-loss fruit.

 Strawberry & Raspberry

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