Quick and Easy Dump-and-Bake Dishes Ready in 40 Minutes

Salmon with Lemon Pepper This baked lemon pepper salmon is a tasty, low-maintenance, and diet-friendly supper option. 

Salmon Teriyaki Baked salmon with teriyaki sauce is a quick and easy meal option that can be done with either premade or store-bought teriyaki sauce.

Traybake with Chicken and Vegetables Chicken, vegetables, and a flavorful dressing with a Mediterranean flavor profile are all combined in one dish for this quick and simple traybake.

Salmon in a Spicy Oven crisp, zesty, and scrumptious. This lemon and pepper oven-baked salmon is bursting with flavor. 

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Shrimp Boil in a Sheet Pan Perfect for summer parties and Mardi Gras festivities, this keto & low-carb shrimp boil in the oven is sure to please a large group.

Quick and Simple Zucchini Casserole In honor of the summer's bounty of zucchini, here is a simple recipe for Zucchini Casserole.

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