Strategies to get in shape without gaining weight

Protein should be your primary source of fuel. "Including a source of protein with each meal helps to keep you fuller for longer and better controls blood sugar to reduce snacking and cravings," adds Burke.

Include fiber-rich foods in your diet. Keeping in mind that we are discussing the importance of maintaining a healthy diet, it is imperative that you consume enough of foods that are high in fiber. 

Get a good night's rest. It's possible that getting your eight hours of sleep each night is more vital than you realize.

Make whole foods your primary source of nourishment. "When individuals are trying to lose weight, the quality of the food that they eat is frequently overlooked," says Burke.

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Zinc enough “Zinc, found in protein-containing foods like fish, Greek yogurt, and chicken, supports a healthy thyroid,” explains Burke. 

Strength train. Include strength training in your gym routine. Start using free weights or practicing squats, push-ups, and other core exercises.

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