Summer foods sabotaging weight loss

 You might not anticipate corn on the cob to harm your figure. Corn is merely a vegetable, therefore it shouldn't

 Corn on the cob

 Summer is grilling season, so everyone wants to show off their burger-making skills. I

 Grilled Burgers

 A lot of fruit comes into season in summer, so you may want to make smoothie bowls.

 Smoothie Bowls

 When temps rise, any refreshing treat seems good. If you adore summer ice cream and have a sweet tooth

 Ice Cream

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 Small servings of lean red meat can be healthful, but large portions can increase saturated fat and some


 "Who doesn't like picnic potato salad? But too many indulgent sides might cause weight gain.

  Potato Salad

 Egg salad, like other mayonnaise-based sides, is high in fat and calories.

  Egg Salad

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