The Secret Side Effects of Skipping Breakfast

 You know how you can go hours without eating, but after you eat, you're hungry again? A research in The Journal of Nutrition

 You will have a slower metabolism.

 breakfast can give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to start the day and stabilize blood sugar levels to prevent hunger

 You'll be hungry afterwards.

 Life Hack claims that most studies show that consuming most of one's calories in the morning is the greatest method

 It may lead to weight gain

 better and more invigorated physique, better immune system. A good meal may boost your immune system against any germ

 Your immune system is impaired.

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 The Health Site claims missing breakfast might cause hair loss, so you can put this under "decidedly unexpected" and "definitely unwelcome"

 Hair loss may occur.

 Breakfast skippers had higher cortisol levels among 18-45-year-old women. Some call cortisol the "stress hormone,"

 Your stress levels will increase.

 Do you have severe midday headaches? You may be having a poor breakfast. According to Tata Health, skipping breakfast

  create severe headaches.

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