The Slimmer You 1-Month Weight Loss Challenge

 The lunge with row works all main muscles. Jones advises starting your one-month weight reduction

  Lunge with Row

 This workout requires holding a weight in your left hand and keeping your feet together.

 Lunge with Row

 Next, quick squats. "Adding HIIT to your weight training workout is another trick for weight loss,

 Fast Squats

 Next, chest press a bridge. Jones says, "Again, working the big muscles of the body is the best way to lose weight

 Bridge with Chest Press

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 Jones says "This HIIT exercise tones the arms, abs, and back all at once." I enjoy this workout since everyone can perform i

 Boxing Jab HIIT Exercise

 Finally, burpees will finish this fruitful one-month weight loss challenge. In this workout, Jones states,


 This should plank you. Next, lunge forward with one leg until your feet are shoulder-width apart, then squat and stand.


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