Things humans do that dogs hate

Dogs sniff everything to extract information from their surrounding environment. If you prevent your furry friend from sniffing, then they won't be able to learn about their neighborhood.  

If you're playing catch with your dog, but don't actually let them catch the toy, then you're creating a lot of anxiety. 

Your dog has been alone all day and misses you. Even if you're tired, give your dog some attention—they need it. 

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell that's much better than that of humans. Naturally, strong smells like bleach affect them much more than us. 


A lot of dogs hate being left alone all day. This can cause a lot of stress, so if you have a busy schedule, consider hiring someone who can be with them and take them out on a walk for some exercise. 

Just like your dog might not like certain people, they might not like certain dogs. Don't force them to interact with them. 

Maybe you think it's fun dressing your dog up, but they might not share the same feeling. Pay attention if you notice behaviors and reactions indicating their dissatisfaction. 

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