Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Before Your Wedding Easily

 Eat the rainbow, buddies. "To lose weight when you have a time crunch is to increase your vegetable

  Consume more vegetables.

  "Adding at least one serving of vegetables to each meal will help to increase your fiber and nutrient intake,

 Consume more vegetables.

 Swingle suggests cutting out restaurant visits for 30 days before your wedding to reduce weight.

  Avoid restaurant meals.

 "This is very effective for weight loss, as eating out adds a lot of calories and sodium without you realizing it,

 Avoid restaurant meals.

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 "One way to lose weight is by looking at your diet and seeing how much protein you are taking in,"

 Prioritize protein.

 It's unhealthy and wrecks your waistline. "Cutting out soda and other sweetened beverages can help you lose weight,

 Stop drinking soda

"Lastly, assessing your hunger on a scale of 1-10 before eating can help you lose weight because it forces you to stop

 Eat thoughtfully.

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