Weight-Blocking Eating Mistakes

 Foods you love and that are nutrient-dense are important, but several of our nutritionists advocate monitoring quantities to avoid overeating.

 overeating healthy stuff.

 "While nuts, nut butters, hummus, and avocado are nutrient-rich, amazing foods for you, they all contain healthy fat

overeating healthy stuff.

 Eat adequate protein daily for your health, especially if you want to lose weight or maintain it.

 Protein intake is insufficient.

 The type and amount of oil you use might sneakily affect your weight reduction objectives.

 cooking with olive oil

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 "Everyone deserves a piece of cake or chips and queso, but many individuals overdo their splurges and consume

 You're overspending.

 "Sometimes, we add our favorite condiments to our foods to enhance the flavor, but regularly adding certain condiments

 Adding unhealthy condiments.

 You may still use condiments—that would be boring! However, adopting healthier alternatives or fewer of your usual

Adding unhealthy condiments.

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