Weight Loss Doubling Food Pairings

 Food matching is simple: carbs and protein at every meal. Why? Healthy protein and complex carbohydrates do more than

 Nut Butter + Banana

 Squeezing lemon juice over sautéed greens or adding juice to your morning smoothie will improve your health.

  Spinach + Lemon Juice

 Grab some eggs and a pepper and begin cooking! This powerful fat-frying combo will help you fit into slim clothes quickly

 Bell Peppers + Eggs

 Oatmeal with berries is another tasty fat-frying breakfast choice for dieters. So what makes the duo powerful

 Oatmeal + Berries

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 Honeydew and red grape fruit salad fights obesity and bloating. Melon is a natural diuretic, thus it fights water retention

 Honeydew + Red Grapes

 A cereal-pretzel snack combo may taste wonderful, but it won't give you a tight stomach.

 Pistachios + Almonds

 Your weight reduction goal is almost met, but those final few pounds are stubborn. Every day, eat vitamin D-fortified

 Yogurt + Cinnamon

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