Who Lost Belly Fat's Best Eating Habits

 "PLAN! Always plan. Every Sunday since I started my quest, I prepare my weekly menus and grocery list

 meal plan

"Avoid fast food, fried food, and alcohol. Proper diet is essential. We can't outwork a poor diet."

 Laura Guzman, 130-pound

 "My #1 advice is replacing processed carbs/high sugar with protein-rich real meals. If I wanted cake

 Connie Chan, 100-pound

 A steady calorie deficit is my best belly fat loss advice! You don't have to workout. A calorie restriction will reduce

 May Jasmine dropped 53 pounds.

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 "My top suggestion is to love fruit! I avoided fruit for years since my brain imprinted it as negative for me

  Jennifer Douglas dropped 137 pounds.

 "Eat veggies. Personal experience: I ate my plate's veggies first. Having vegetables or mixed green salads with lunch

 Chloe Campos, 100-pound

 So long soda is my #1 belly fat-loss advice! I noticed that drinks made my stomach bloat like crazy. It was sugary too.

 Christina Spencer dropped 95 pounds.

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