Worst weight-loss tips that age you faster  

 Some find counting calories useful, but eating a balanced diet is more vital.

Counting calories

 In the nutrition industry, tracking calories while eating a lot of processed, low-quality food without enough omega-3 fatty acid

Counting calories

 Despite thinking calories are all that important, not obtaining adequate protein will certainly set you up for failure.

 Neglecting protein intake

 "Creating a calorie deficit without considering the nature of those calories is a big weight loss blunder that ages

Neglecting protein intake

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 "While meal replacement shakes and bars may be useful for a low-calorie snack or meal on the go, many are heavily

 Consuming meal replacements

 "Avoiding added sugars and refined carbs helps with weight loss, but cutting out complex carbs like fresh fruit,

 Cut out all carbohydrates.

 Losing weight doesn't require avoiding fat. Your body requires healthy fats to survive.

  Low-fat diet

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