Your Belly Fat Loss Goals Are Failing

 We've been taught that eating less is the best way to reduce weight, yet it often backfires.

 You eat too little.

 If you're not eating whole, natural foods, you may be consuming too many processed, empty-calorie meals like cakes

  Insufficient intake of complete foods.

 Weight-loss powerhouses are leafy greens. Why? For little calories, they provide water and healthful nutrients.

 greens kale spinach

 The Nutrition Twins, warn that heavy salad dressings may convert a healthy, fresh vegetable salad into a calorie bomb

 You drown salads in dressing.

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 "Fiber keeps us full and breaks the cycle of overeating that can lead to weight gain,

  Forget fiber.

 You've heard "liquid lunch." It's more than a noontime drink. High-calorie drinks can sneakily increase daily calorie

 You consume too many calories.

 Are you used to shaking paper sugar packets before adding them to your coffee? It's satisfying? If you enjoy sweet

 you use added sugar packets.

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